The TREA emphasizes the importance of fostering innovation, disseminating academic research, and applying engineering practices to elevate Taiwan’s construction engineering quality. Additionally, it highlights the goal of aligning with international organizations to facilitate global exchange and cooperation.



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Taiwan is located in a seismically sensitive area in the Western Pacific Region and frequently hit by typhoons. Due to the impact of climate change on the natural environment, the probability of earthquakes, typhoons, and floods continues to rise. In recent years, large structures such as tall buildings, bridges, tunnels, subways, and other infrastructure, have been continuously constructed in various regions of Asia. The strength or integrity of these structures is exposed to highly uncertain external forces, such as intense typhoons or earthquakes, at various stages throughout their life cycle, leading to varying degrees of deterioration and uncertainty. The application of reliability engineering can effectively reduce the threats posed by natural disasters and climate change, achieve the sustainability goals of infrastructure, protect people’s property and safety, and promote social and economic development.


In recent years, the concept of using reliability as a reference indicator in international engineering design has gradually become popular, and investment in the related research field has rapidly grown. Reliability engineering has attracted more attention, manifesting not only in various fields of civil engineering but also in many other engineering disciplines such as mechanical, electrical, materials, and management. Therefore, to enhance the importance of reliability engineering in Taiwan, promote the development of reliability engineering, the “Taiwan Reliability Engineering Association,” a non-profit organization, has been established. Its purpose is to develop innovative concepts, share academic research results and engineering applications, improve engineering safety standards, align with international organizations, and facilitate international exchange and cooperation.

簡介 Introduction

社團法人台灣可靠度工程學會(Taiwan Reliability Engineering Association;TREA)成立於2023年3月11日,並於2023年4月於內政部完成立案申請,正式成為人民團體。首任理事長為前行政院公共工程委員會主委、國立臺灣科技大學前校長陳希舜教授。

The Taiwan Reliability Engineering Association (TREA), officially established on March 11, 2023, completed its registration application with the Ministry of the Interior in April 2023, officially becoming a non-profit organization. The inaugural Chairman is Professor Chen Shi-Shuenn, the former Minister of Public Construction Commission of the Executive Yuan, and the former President of the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.


Establishing sustainable infrastructure


Protecting people’s property


Promoting social and economic development

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